Moving Imagery


Lillevan is a well known video artist, live performer and co-founded of  the visual audio group Rechenzentrum (Berlin, 1997–2008).
Lillevan’s performances, DVD releases, collaborations and solo works have been acclaimed by critics and audiences alike, taking visual music, animation, bricolage and film manipulation to new levels.

Live Filmabout_2

Inspired by live film performance, Lillevan has introduced innovative approaches to the genre, combining new and old technologies, creating installations and projection techniques, always focusing on taking film in experimental directions.
Often performances are combined with lectures, talks and workshops.

Images of Realityabout_3

Lillevan has been involved in film, animation and music since early childhood, and has been performing and releasing work for over 15 years, his work is often described as an exploration of the history of cinema, searching for new relationships between viewer and screen, between reality and the projected image.

Recent work explores the relationships between the history of light, evolution of the eye and cinematic development, and questions the archeology of media, studies of perception, and history of technical visualization.

Collaboration, Festivalsabout_4

Often invited to collaborate, Lillevan has worked with an array of acclaimed artists from other genres: music – both club culture and classical, dance, theatre and opera, and has enjoyed challenging projects in performance and installation, and academic settings.

Lillevan performs and lectures all over the world, previous festivals and events include Europe, Asia, North & South America; Ars Electronica, Transmediale, Mutek, Dis-Patch etc.