2016 – Live Performances

28 Jan 2016 – Washington DC (US)

‘Interpretations’ at Katzen Arts Centre with Morton Subotnick

4 Feb 2016 – New York (US)

‘Interpretations’ at Roulette with Morton Subotnick

More info: Roulette Venue

26 Feb 2016 – Sydney (AUSTRALIA)

With Fennesz at Carriageworks

More info: Carriageworks

27 Feb 2016 – Adelaide (AUSTRALIA)

With Fennesz at Adelaide Arts Festival

More info: Adelaide Festival

11 Mar 2016 – Krems (AUSTRIA)

With Trio Mediaeval at Klangraum / Krems

More info: Festival Klangraum Krems
Trio Mediaeval: Website

23 Apr 2016 – Malmo (SWEDEN)

Intonal Festival with Morton Subotnick

More info: coming soon

30 JULY 2016 – Berlin 

Isadora Werkstatt
Lillevan presents new audio-visual performance, featuring live dubbing & remixing by SchneiderTM

More info: here

12 AUG 2016 – Aldersbach (DE) 

Rheingold by Richard Wagner
Lillevan co-directs & creates video scenography for “Rheingold” – the first of the four music dramas that constitute Richard Wagner’s Der Ring des Nibelungen,

More info: here

Beethoven Akademie Orchester Krakau
Wotan: Thomas E. Bauer
Alberich: Karsten Mewes
Fricka: Marianne Beate Kielland
Loge: Markus Schäfer
Erda: Ann-Katrin Naidu

Szenische Installation und Baumaschinenkoordination: Lillevan
Kostüme: Katja Krannich
Licht: Bruno Hartl

More info: here

02 Sept 2016 – Berlin (DE)

With David Moss at Festival mikromusik 2016

More info: Festival mikromusik
David Moss: Website

Presenting premiere of a new piece “Miss Ahn wants a Drummer”

27 Sept 2016 – New York

With Morton Subotnick at ISSUE Project Room
‘After 9 Evenings’ –  a celebration  to mark the 50th anniversary of 9 Evenings – Experiments in Art and Technology (E.A.T.)(1966)

More info: After 9 Evenings Festival

04 Nov 2016 – Berlin

With Morton Subotnick
At Ableton Loop Conference
More info: Loop

19 Nov 2016 – Buenos Aires (ARG)

With Fennesz
More info soon